Friday 20 December 2019

Cinéma Spoutnik

Cinéma Spoutnik
11 rue de la Coulouvrenière
1st floor
1204 Genève

Tarifs as of 8.-
Tickets available at the door.

Echoing the exhibition, the Cinema Spoutnik will host an experimental and expanded cinema night, combining historical films from the 1960s and 1970s with contemporary interventions. Like Geneva artist Maya Corboud, some artists and filmmakers aim to express their desire to go beyond the screen to favor a plural form of poetry. Films are thus considered as multimedia shows, live performances and happenings, whose visual and sonic theatrics are constantly changing. The works of Jordan Belson, John Whitney and Tony Conrad refer to a way of thinking about cinema that depends on one if its most fundamental characteristics, i.e. an art of light. Viewers and listeners are invited to see the music as well as listen to colors in a synesthetic perspective, as in the films of Vidya Gastaldon, Bruce Conner and Stephen Beck. The evening will end with an audiovisual installation/performance by Geneva duo Biblioteq Mdulair, backed by Fribourg-based collective [ a n y m a ].

Stephen Beck (US)
Illuminated Music 2 & 3, 1973, 27 min 50

Jordan Belson (US)
Allures, 1961, 7 min 45
Samadhi, 1967, 5 min

Biblioteq Mdulair & Synkie (CH)
Music performance

Paul Clipson (US)
Another Void, 2012, 10 min 5

Bruce Conner (US)
Looking For Mushrooms, (1959–67/1996), 14 min 30
Mea Culpa, 1981, 5 min

Tony Conrad & Beverly Grant (US)
Straight and Narrow, 1970, 10 min

Maya Corboud (CH)
Au sujet d’un hasard heureux, 2019-2020, 20 min

Vidya Gastaldon (CH)
Visionium, 2019, 7 min 59

Barbara Hammer (US)
Bent Time, 1983, 22 min

Gunvor Nelson (SE)
My Name is Oona, 1969, 10 min

John Whitney (US)
Matrix III, 1972, 10 min 35

Jud Yalkut (US)
John Cage Mushroom Hunting In Stony Point, 1973, 8 min