The legendary Californian Musician exceptionally invited to Geneva, accompanied  by his guitarist son, for a concert of "instant compositions", alternately bubbling, serene, lyrical or intimate. For the opening act, a North American duet situated at the crossroads of multiple musical traditions and the delicate and captivating universe of sound.
Ventilatory Exploration
Olga Kokcharova

Black/White Oratorio
by Robert Lax and John Beer directed by
Vincent Barras

Presentation of a new electroacoustic work by the Geneva composer. Olga Kokcharova, projected in the exhibition space on a loudspeaker orchestra, preceded by the reactivation of a remarkable oratorio for spoken choir of the poet Robert Lax.
Convening the synaesthetic ideals of two generations half a century apart, an evening which combines music and experimental and expanded cinema, between historical documents from the 1960s and 1970s, and contemporary interventions.
Dialogue with Pauline Oliveros at the Théâtre du Galpon


Félicia Atkinson

Anne Bourne

Céline Hänni

Anna-Kaisa Meklin

Margrit Schenker
Six female artists explore the artistic legacy of this eminent figure of the avant-garde music, who past away in 2016 and whose pioneering work is based on a radical conception of listening.
Multichannel broadcast evening, alternating personal compositions and historical works.