Félicia Atkinson (FR)

Dialogue with Pauline Oliveros at the Théâtre du Galpon

Félicia Atkinson is an artist, experimental musician and author based in France. She has released more than twenty albums on international record labels and has performed live in venues as diverse as Palais de Tokyo in Paris, MOCA in Los Angeles, the Rewire Festival in The Hague, the Emily Harvey Foundation in New York, and the Novas Frequências festival in Rio de Janeiro. Her visual, musical and literary research focuses on topics and practices such as improvisation, fiction, cut-up, noise and silence, abstraction, musique concrète, animism, poetic spaces and Deep Listening. She has recently worked with Jenny Hval, Stephen O’Malley and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma and is the co-publisher of the independent imprint Shelter Press.


By repetition,
you start noticing details
in the landscape